Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Budget Tip for One: Grow Your Own Herbs

How to Grow Herbs and Salads in Containers

Grow your own herbs in containers

herb seedlings in planter
herb seedlings from pixabay.com
Growing your own food is cheaper and very satisfying both on your budget and on the sheer pleasure it gives to pick and eat something you have nurtured. The absence of a garden space to grow them shouldn't stop you. It is easy to grow a variety of produce on window sills indoors or outside in window-boxes if that is all the space you have. With a little more space, like a small patio, you can grow almost anything in containers. In this short article I concentrate on growning herbs and salad leaves, these being the easiest things to grow. In addition, herbs and salad leaves grow quickly. There is nothing quite like popping fresh salad leaves in your mouth while they are still warm from the sun. Gardening in a pot can be really good fun. All you need is your imagination.

Cheap and Healthy Vegetarian Recipes: Button Mushroom Recipes

3 Easy Button Mushroom Recipes

chopped red pepper, onion and mushrooms
red pepper, onion and chopped mushrooms
from Pixabay.com
These are 3 cheap vegetarian recipes cooked from one bargain buy of button mushrooms. Living frugally and cooking for one can be a challenge but if you are shopping savvy you can cook ahead and make delicious meals you just have to reheat from your freezer.  Using a box of button mushrooms I found in a local supermarket for 99p, a yellow peppers (capsicums), onions and potatoes I came up with 3 recipes: 'Mushroom and Lentil Soup' - 'Mushroom and Pepper Bake' - I had some extra yellow pepper and potatoes left after assembling the bake so make a 'Mushroom, Chickpeas and Ginger Rice'

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Vegetarian Recipe for One: Baked Egg with Cheesy Potato

Cheap and Easy Vegetarian Recipe

potatoes egg cheese vegetarian recipe
Egg, Potatoes and Grated Cheese
3 ingredient Vegetarian Recipe
Baked Egg with Cheesy Potatoes

This cheap and easy vegetarian recipe has only 3 ingredients and is ready to eat in 40 minutes. You can vary it by using different types of cheese and by adding other vegetables, I'll make some suggestions you might enjoy. This is ideal for a supper or lunch and with only 319 calories it is ideal for your intermittent fasting day on the 5:2 diet. Cost 63p.